CUP (Yuka C. Honda & Nels Cline) - Spinning Creature artwork by Brandon Locher and Olivia Locher - Out now on Northern Spy Records
Chronofile (Hard Drive 1) - Fully archived hard drive of audio sketches and demos recorded in Johnstown, PA from 2006-2008.
See All: Archive of Visual Works (1991 - current) - Set of Forged Autographed Baseball Cards, circa. 1991-1993 (Age 6-8)
CUP (Yuka C. Honda & Nels Cline) - "Soon Will Be Flood" poster/digital single artwork by Brandon Locher. Out now on Northern Spy Records.
LOCHER + LOCHER at SPACE (812 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh PA) - March 22 - May 12, 2019.
Mazes to the Motherlode LXV, Ink on Paper, 14” x 17”, 2018 from Mazes to the Motherlode (2012 - ongoing)
Beginning 06/20/18 at W. 35th Street and 5th Ave I will begin teaching myself how to play the trumpet, an instrument I currently cannot play.
Radius Episode 83 - Brandon Locher's Conversations, "New York (845), Vermont (802), New Hampshire (603), Maine (207)"
Brandon Locher's EP1 is out now on Hush Hush Records Selected Press Transcripts (2010-2018) at My Idea of Fun
Tiny Mix Tapes premieres "Air Notes" (Official Music Video) - Created and Directed by Brandon Locher
New Ghostly International Editions - Mazes to the Motherlode XII, XI,and LX are now available as limited edition prints at The Ghostly Store
AdHoc Issue #21 - Cover art by Brandon Locher
Conversations (2006-2017) by Brandon Locher is archived and now available for download at UbuWeb
Mazes to the Motherlode II Wallpapers available now at Ghostly International
Brandon Locher's '10 Year of My Idea of Fun' - 3 hour mixtape with unreleased material from the past decade and beyond... DOWNLOAD NOW!
Mazes to the Motherlode XLVI, XLVI-II, XLVI-III, XLVI-IV, XLVI-V, XLVI-VI - Commissions for VIA Festival 2016, October 6-9, Pittsburgh, PA
Brandon Locher Turntable Slipmat is now for sale at The Ghostly Store
LOOPED VISIONS by Brandon Locher + BrandNewNoise + Ghostly International is now for sale at The Ghostly Store
GhostlyCast #61: Lord RAJA - Corporate Takeover
Stage Hands LP is out now from My Idea of Fun Mazes to the Motherlode Wallpapers available at Ghostly International
Mazes to the Motherlode XL - 20" x 20" print edition is now for sale at The Ghostly Store