Conversations (2012, 2013, 2016-2019) is archived and available for download at UbuWeb
CUP (Yuka C. Honda & Nels Cline) - Spinning Creature artwork by Brandon Locher and Olivia Locher - Out now on Northern Spy Records
Chronofile (Hard Drive 1) - Fully archived hard drive of audio sketches and demos recorded in Johnstown, PA from 2006-2008.
See All: Archive of Visual Works (1991 - current) - Set of Forged Autographed Baseball Cards, circa. 1991-1993 (Age 6-8)
CUP (Yuka C. Honda & Nels Cline) - "Soon Will Be Flood" poster/digital single artwork by Brandon Locher. Out now on Northern Spy Records.
LOCHER + LOCHER at SPACE (812 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh PA) - March 22 - May 12, 2019.
Mazes to the Motherlode LXV, Ink on Paper, 14” x 17”, 2018 from Mazes to the Motherlode (2012 - ongoing)
Beginning 06/20/18 at W. 35th Street and 5th Ave I will begin teaching myself how to play the trumpet, an instrument I currently cannot play.
Radius Episode 83 - Brandon Locher's Conversations, "New York (845), Vermont (802), New Hampshire (603), Maine (207)"
Brandon Locher's EP1 is out now on Hush Hush Records Selected Press Transcripts (2010-2018) at My Idea of Fun
Tiny Mix Tapes premieres "Air Notes" (Official Music Video) - Created and Directed by Brandon Locher
New Ghostly International Editions - Mazes to the Motherlode XII, XI,and LX are now available as limited edition prints at The Ghostly Store
AdHoc Issue #21 - Cover art by Brandon Locher
Mazes to the Motherlode II Wallpapers available now at Ghostly International
Brandon Locher's '10 Year of My Idea of Fun' - 3 hour mixtape with unreleased material from the past decade and beyond... DOWNLOAD NOW!
Mazes to the Motherlode XLVI, XLVI-II, XLVI-III, XLVI-IV, XLVI-V, XLVI-VI - Commissions for VIA Festival 2016, October 6-9, Pittsburgh, PA
Brandon Locher Turntable Slipmat is now for sale at The Ghostly Store
LOOPED VISIONS by Brandon Locher + BrandNewNoise + Ghostly International is now for sale at The Ghostly Store
GhostlyCast #61: Lord RAJA - Corporate Takeover
Stage Hands LP is out now from My Idea of Fun Mazes to the Motherlode Wallpapers available at Ghostly International
Mazes to the Motherlode XL - 20" x 20" print edition is now for sale at The Ghostly Store